About daughters of Thomas and Catharine.

Hester & Mary Sherman  

July 23rd, 2011



In discussions with "Mrs King" about Thomas (B: 1760), she presents some additional information about Hester & Mary, daughters of Thomas and Catherine:  E-mail from her.


Hi Hank,

Had a chance to make a quick trip to NJ Archives on Tuesday.  Found a couple of things & thought you might be interested...  (7-22-2011)

Death certificate for "Miss Hester Sherman"
Age 70                                  (Makes her born about 1829)
Birthplace...Barnegat Bay, NJ   (????)
Last place of residence...Eastampton Township, Burlington County
Place of death...same
Father's name Thomas Sherman  
Mother's name Katherine Sherman
Country of birth U.S.A. (all)
Died 3/11/1899
Burial in Woodlane Cemetery, Mt. Holly, NJ
Phebe Sherman had 3 sisters...Hester, Mary, and Deborah.  I think this is our Hester.
Right age, right parents, Woodlane Cemetery is in Mt. Holly, very close to where Phebe Sherman Emmons and Edna Bennett Emmons lived.

Barnegat Bay is different, haven't seen that for anyone else in the family.  But it is not too far from all their usual places, Howell, Wall, Squan Village.

M. K.


Proves 4 daughters (Hester, Deborah, Phebe and Mary) are of Thomas and Catherine. Thomas was about 69 when they had Hester B: 1829 and he B: 1760.

 1829    Hester born

-1760   Age of Thomas born

 69 yrs old.

Catherine was about 31 when she had Hester born about 1798.  Interesting.

Phebe b: 4-2-1832.  Catherine was 34. 


Additional about Mary:

Mary Sherman

Another find...but this one is not 100%

In the Burlington County NJ public library website I found the following marriage announcement...

N.J. Mirror Jan. 21, 1858
In Burlington on Jan. 9, 1858
by Samuel W. Earl Esq.
Mr. Charles Chance to
Miss Mary Sherman
both of Burlington County.

I found an entry in the marriage records at the NJ Archives (no certificates at this time).
It confirmed the marriage but the space for names of parents was left blank.  It did say Charles Chance was a farmer from Columbus, NJ.

I also found a death certificate for Mary Chance, age 45,  of Burlington.  She died Jan. 20 (or 25th), 1882 from pneumonia.  (Makes it B:  abt 1837)

Mother's name was not filled in but father was Thomas Scherman.  Close enough?

In the 1880 census Mary & Charles Chance lived in Bordentown with their children...
Charles 22
Annie 13
Thomas 11
Harry 7
Catherine 3


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