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Turn up your stereo hi-fi speakers with a woofer, to enjoy this theatre organ played by Ron Rhode at the Wurlitzer.

Amateur Radio Operator K2KAB. 2009. Jackson, NJ.

Kenwood 940TS with D104 mike and a Kenwood SM-220 Monitor.  Amp is a Clipperton-L.
Using a vertical 5 band antenna for lower frequencies.

Hamming since about 1955/56

WAC - WAS - DXCC - Rag Chewers Club - Worked all TV sets -. Commercial License & member of Naber's

Code =  "QST DE K2KAB  K"

Hank Sherman with U. S. Army in Korea and the 5th Regimental Combat Team, about 1953.





Headquarters, 1st battalion, At the "Punchbowl, Outpost Harry, Inje Pass & The 38th Parallel".
Regiment Motto "I'll Try Sir".

For more information about the 5th Regimental Combat Team, click on emblem


Contact: John C. Howard, 156 Winding Way Drive, Frankfort, KY. 40601-3068.

And after that!!!

Founder / Past Director of  Happy Days String Band.  Photo circa 1975. 


Asbury Park beach in front of the Convention Hall with new bandstands/uniforms.

        Play this song from the HDSB of the '70's..

    History of starting of the HDSB band.

Present band at rehearsal in Shark River, NJ

                On a job.


Bernie Miles, Director.

Alabama Bound

Rich's Xmas band

I really love this band.  It's fun at Christmas.  (2009)


When doing Wedding Photography in the 90's.. "A Touch of Class"

About 1947, working for commercial photographer during High School.

At my computer with a Contessa tenor banjo. (2009)


Hank on Shark River, West side, railroad bridge in background.  Shark River Yacht Club member & member of Coast Guard auxiliary. 1970's.

IMAGE:Hank's '93 winter time project,

Hank's '93 winter time project a model of the "Cutty Sark".



Hank has been interested in Genealogy of the Shearman/Sherman family for about 45 years and has a web page

@ www.hankk2kab.net/index.html


                                      Hank Sherman's Descendent Chart.

Former member of "The Crescent Shriner's Motor Corps", Trenton, NJ. (2000)


"Es Selamu Aleikum!" ( Peace be with you! ).

Previously a member of Crescent Shriner's String Band , Burlington, NJ.    (Photos 2009)


                                                Ocean Grove, NJ        Ray McKelvey, Director, & me in the back row, playing banjo

                                                                @ The Gazebo in Bristol, PA.                 

                                             Click for video of float and band, 2010 in Ocean Grove for the 4th.

Hank was a member of the Ocean County String Band in Island Heights, NJ. Before it disbanded in 2010.

Rehearsal with some of the members in band bldg. before it was demolished. (2009)

At a job.

Golden Slippers

And  a member of the Suncoast Mummers String Band. (2010)

John Schweizer Directing.

Hear the band by clicking on the logo

  I Want a Girl


The Pittsburgh Banjo Band


Frank Rossi directs this band and I was again fortunately enough to visit with them in Pittsburgh and got to play with and know some of the members. 

I believe Norm is directing in this song.  Frank also is the editor of  "The Resonator" magazine.  "The Voice of Banjos Unlimited". 

     Trumpet lead with a Tuba.  Their website is  "theronator.com".  

Medley - Margie, Susie & Nellie

Top Hats


 Director Ray McKelvey.

  Four Leaf Clover & Baby Face.

Gulf Coast Banjo Band

In Florida during the Winter months I was able to play with the Gulf Coast Banjo Band in Snook Haven, FL. 

This shot shows the lovely lagoon in the background.  They attract quite a crowd among the trees.  And a restaurant is nearby.




                          Hank  played with the Shriner's 15+ member Sahib Banjo Band in Sarasota, Fl. (Band now retired.)

                                                                                                 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie.


                  Back Bay Strummers Banjo Band of Delaware, DE..

                             Diane and I were given the opportunity to play with this great banjo band.  Diane on accordion

                           and me on tenor banjo.  Herb Crowe was the Director, playing Chord melody on his tenor banjo,.

                                                                            I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.

Hank was also a member and played The Glockenspiel with "Salaam String Band", in Livingston, NJ,  under the direction of Ky Reed.


Hank playing the Glockenspiel

   Scrap Iron.


Employed by New Jersey Bell/Bell Atlantic/Verizon for 37.5 years and retiring in Dec. 1992 as a Radio/Video technician with the Radio/Video group in Neptune, NJ.



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