Sherman, Yaxley, Co. Suffolk, England. Thomas Sherman aged 30, visit Leicester 1619, son and heir of Thomas Sherman, and grandson of Thomas Sherman, the eldest son of Thomas Sherman of Yaxley, temp. Henry VII. (1485-1509)

Or, a lion rampant. (rearing on the hind legs) sa. between. 3 oak leaves, vert (color green). Vide: "Burke's General Armoury (1878). pg 722

A.D. 1660. "He beareth, Argent,(color silver) a Lyon Rampant, Sable, (color black) between three Holly leaves, Proper, by the name of Sherman, of this family are Samuel, John, and Edmund Sherman, sons of Samuel Sherman of Dedham in Essex, originally extracted from Yaxley in Suffork, which Edmund Sherman being of London Merchant hath married Jane Daughter of John Wall of Bromley, by Jane Daughter and Heire of Sayer." Vida: "A Display of Heraldrie" by Guillim p. 189 F,D,S, 6

Bertha L. Stratton Sherman and Allied Families p 49 gives the following: "For Sherman of Newark", Counfy of Leicester, visitation in 1619, Burke gives (also see Marlboro Soc. Pub. II) William6 Sherman aged 34 years son of John Sherman and grandson of Wiilliam4 Sherman, grocer and merchant of London, fifth son of Thomas3 Sherman of Yaxley, time of Henry VII (1485-1509), with the arms similar to Yaxley: He beareth Argent a. Lyon Sable, between 3 holly leaves proper, by the name of Sherman; the lion charged on the shoulder with an annulet for difference. Crest: a sea lion sejeant argent, guttee de poix, finned or.”

Charles Pomeroy Sherman “Sherman Genealoay” p·5 contributes the following: The Yaxley Crest was "A Sea Lion sejeant per pale or and argcent, gutte de poix, finned of the first." The Dedham Crest was "A demi-lion rampant sable". The motto of both was "Virtute Mortem Vincere."(Conquer death by bravery) Charles also refers to 3 oak leaves,vert.

From: Roy V. Shermans manuscript:"The decendants of Philip Sherman".



Yaxley has always been a small village and probably all the Shermans who have lived there were of the same family.

The Arms of this family are: Or, a Lion rampant sable between three oak leaves, vert. The crest is: A Sea Lion sejeant or (or sable or argent). ("The General Armory," Burke, 1878, p. 922.) for an illustration of these Arms see "The New York Gcn ealogical and Biographical Record," Vol. 44, p. 341.

This is similar to one which belonged to Hon. Roger Sherman (decended from Capt. John Sherman b:1612) at his death in 1793, and is now owned by the author. Other Sherman Arms given by Burke are: Sherman of Newark, County of Leicester. In the Herald's Visitation of Leicester in 1619, appears William6 Sherman, then aged 34 years, son and heir of John5 Sherman and grandson of William9 Sherman, grocer and merchant of London, fifth son of Thomas3 Sherman of Yaxley, time of Henry Vll (1455-1509), with same arms as Sherman of Yaxley, the lion charged on the shoulder with an annulet for difference. Crest: a sea lion sejeant, guttee de poix, finned or. Sherman of Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire In the visitation of Devonshire in 1620, appear, John She rman and Richard Sherman, sons of William Sherman and grandsons of John Sherman who was son and heir of Robert Sherman of Yaxley, by his wife the daughter of William Sherman of Ottery St. Mary. Arms: Or, a lion rampant sable between 3 holly leaves vert (color green). Crest: a sea lion sejeant sable, guttee d’or, finned proper.

Page 8 & 9 of Sherman Genealogy, 1920. Higginson publishers.
By Thomas Townsend Sherman.
Shermans of Yaxley, Crest

If you find additional information about these viewpoints of "oak versus holly" leaves in the Sherman Crest I would like to hear from you. This is what I can find at the moment. Hank.

to Hank.

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