Benjamin SHEARMAN (15 July 1677 Portsmouth, RI - ( _____ on _____ in _____ married (1) Hannah READ (_____ - died before 1713), dau of John and Hannah (PEABODY) READ of England, RI, and MA. Their children were mentioned in the wills of both John READ an d his widow, Hannah READ as dau. Hannah was already deceased. These children were:

1. Benjamin (about 1700. _____) No information.

2. John ; ( about 1700/1705. ) married Hannah STRATTON.

3. Joseph ( about 1700/1705, ) married Mary ______ (One Joseph SHEARMAN married Mary DWELLY in Tiverton 25 Dec. 1729, by Job ALMY) .

4. Oliver ( about 1700/1705. ) No information

5. Thomas (about 1705/1710 probably. Portsmouth, RI - NJ) on 3 June 1731 in Freetown, MA, married Phebe LAWTON (about 1710/1715_______ dau of Daniel, Jr., and Ruth _____) Lawton of Portsmouth and Freetown, and their children were Oliver; Hannah; Mary; J ohn; and Thomas. ' They moved after their first three children were born to possibly Tiverton, RI. first then to Mechanicstown (West Long Branch), Monmouth Co, NJ.

When the grandfather, John Read, made his will in 1713, all these children were under 21. When the grandmother made her will in 1722, all these grandchildren were still alive.

Benjamin SHEARMAN married (2) on Feb. 1717/18 a t Tiverton, RI, Martha Cook ( _____ ) dau of Captain John and Mary (BORDEN) COOK by Justice of the Peace Thomas Church. No children are known from this second marriage.

Shearman lineage is Benjamin and Hannah (Read) of Freetown, Peieg and Elizabeth (Lawton) of RI; Phillip and Sarah (Odding) of England, MA, and RI; Samuel and Phillipa of Dedham, Co Essex, England Henry and Susan Lawrence) of Dedham,; Henry and Agnes (Butter) of Yaxley, Co. Suffolk, England; Thomas and Jane (Waller) of Co Norfolk. England; John and Agnes (Fuller) of Yaxley; Thomas and Agnes (_____)of Yaxley, Co Suffolk, England;

Read lineage is Hannah (Read) and Benjamin Shearman John and Hannah (Peabody Read of England, RI, and MA;

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