"Catharine Bennett Sherman".

Following information from Thomas Sherman’s will in the Hall of Records, Surrogates Office, 2nd Floor, Freehold, NJ. (Microfiche #23276) & other related papers.

Thomas married a second time to Catharine in Nov 17,1827 [1st Hester] when she was about 27-30 and he was about 65 years of age. In Thomas’ will he left directly to his sons who at the time of his death were about 50 years of age. The will had been drawn in 1830 and Thomas died about 80 yrs of age in 1840. In the will (probated about 1843), he only said that moneys left to be put in trust till his children arrive at legal age. In 1843 Hester (dau.) was over fourteen so I assume, again, that the other 3 daughters are about 1.5 to 2 years apart. I assume here that he means his daughters, as who else is left. (In his will drawn up in 1830 the first daughter should have been born or even 3 daughters, if he married in 1827 and the will was made in 1830. 3 years, 3 children + or -?) Hester was the oldest and over 14 in 1842.

Daughters birth dates, guesstimates:

Hester: 1829
Deborah: 1830
Phebe: 1832
Mary: 1833

[Arrived at these dates from marriage date of Thomas and Catharine in 1827 and subtracting from when she was over fourteen in 1842, which gives about the same dates.]

Hester called “child of Thomas” in will documents of #23276 when Robert Laird was appointed guardian of Hester the daughter, with a bond of $300.00. Catharine died in 1843 soon after she was appointed guardian and accepted as the daughter’s guardian. Sh e died young. Guess she was born abt 1800, married about 1827 and died after July 1843 abt 43 to 45 years of age, suddenly.

In a petition, Thomas and Catharine are dead. 3 children, Deborah, Phebe and Mary are under fourteen. ( Hester the oldest daughter was over fourteen and of legal age as of October 1842) No Mother, brothers or sisters over 21. This must mean that Thomas and Catharine and four sons: John, Thomas, Benjamin & David are dead by 1844, when the will was finally probated. (sisters/daughters are under age) Why did they not count Theo? It looked as if John Shearman [ I assume the oldest ] was the executor of Thomas’ estate. Either John or Theophilus was the oldest. (Theo died in 1859, no info on John on vitals.) Hester (dau) called “child of Thomas” in will documents of #23276 when Robert Laird was appointed guardian as Catharine had died in 1843, soon after guardianship was appointed to her for her daughters. ( Why did guardianship have to be qualified for her own daughters?)

From part of will 23266:

“He was an old man, cannot tell how old he was, may have been 60 old or 70 years of age, does not know how many children testator had by his 1st wife, 5 or 6. Theophilus, Benjamin, John, Thomas and David. Does not know how many he had by his last wife. Don’t recollect that the old man said on that occasion, that he could not write.” (Punctuation missing and difficult to read.)

1840 Census

Catharine Shearman, Head of Household, taken in June or July.

1 - 40 to 50 male ???
1 - under 5 female. (Mary?)
1 - 5 to 10 female. (Phebe?)
2 - 10 to 15 females. (Hester & Deborah?)
1 - 30 to 40 female. (Catharine ?)


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