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Application for membership to the National Society
of the
Washington, D.C.

State: State New Jersey
City: Red Bank
Name of Chapter: Monmouth

Nation Number: #324080
Mrs. Theresa Grant Willey
Wife of: John Jay Willey
Residence: 219 Bergen Place, Red Bank, N.J.

Descendant of: Thomas Shearman (Sherman)
The undersigned have investigated and approved the applicant and her application.

September 25. 1940
Annie H. Parimly
Chapter Regent

Elizabeth Young RyderRuth R. Dibben
Chapter SecretaryChapter Registrar
Application and duplicate received by National: Sept. 27, 1940

Fees received by National Society: Sept. 27, 1940

Application examined and approved: Oct. 23, 1940

Isabel C. Nasvie
Registrar General

Accepted by the National Board of Management: Dec. 4, 1940
Julia D. Heaume
Recording Secretary General

Endorsement for membership at Large: State Regent Nominated and recommended by the two undersigned members of the Society in good standing, to whom the applicant is personally known.

Name: Sarah J. Child Name: Viola E. Patterson
Residence: 21 Drummond Rd, Residence: 208 Maple Ave,
Red Bank, NJ Red Bank, NJ

When filled out and properly endorsed. The application must be forwarded to the Treasurer General, N.S.D.A.R., Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D.C., with the necessary fee and dues. When approved by the National Board, one copy will be returned to the Registrar of the Chapter or the individual, if joining At Large, and the other will be filed with the National Society. (2124).

(Received From DAR Wash, DC. 10/5/94 Hank Sherman) Word6/dar1.doc

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