Extract from letter to Charles A. Sherman from Dempster Sherman March 12th, 1916.


My most recent find, which to me is most encouraging, are significant, is summed up in the following epitome.

· 1st. Richard Borden: B;1601; D: May 25, 1671..

Left ten children among whom were a son Francis(2) (to whom was given lands in NJ) a son Benjamin(2) (settled in Burlington, NJ). and a daughter Mary (2) who married John Cook (son of Thomas of Tiverton, R.I..

Francis(2) Borden (D:1703, Shrewsbury, NJ)

had Thomas(3) Borden (B: APR 12, 1684 of Manasquan NJ)

had Richard(4) Borden (M: July 22, 1758, Hannah Tilton)

had Rachel(5) Borden (B: Feb 16, 1763)

who married Thomas Cook, of Point Pleasant, NJ.

· 2nd Thomas Cook Jr.: (D: 1699, Monmouth, NJ)

His wife was Mary Havens. He was from Tiverton, RI He had several children, among them were:

Thomas(3) who settled in Monmouth, NJ.<p> Stephen(3) who settled in Monmouth<, NJ.<P> Ebenezer(3) who settled in Monmouth, NJ.

John(3) (married Mary(2) Borden) resided in Tiverton, RI.

John(3) & Mary (Borden) Cook, had a daughter Martha (4) who married, Feb 18, 1719 in Tiverton, RI.

Benjamin (3)Shearman (Peleg (2); Philip(1) as his second wife.

This Benjamin Shearman’s first wife was Hannah Read, daughter of John & Hannah. They had five children, all named in the wills of John Read (dated Mar 6, 1713-14; proved Feb. 6, 1727) & Hannah Read (Dated June 1, 1722, proved May 6, 1727). Their names were: John(4), Benjamin(4,) Joseph(4), Oliver(4) & Thomas(4) (See further).

The will of Capt. John (3) Cook (dated Sept 15, 1727 proved Oct 17, 1727) names daughter Martha Shearman.

· 3rd Thomas Shearman M: June 3, 1731 in Freetown, Mass. Then part of Tiverton, RI.  Phebe Lawton and had recorded in Freetown:

Oliver B: Jan 23, 1732

Hannah B: Apr 9, 1733

Mary B: Aug. 14, 1736

The family of Thomas Shearman then is no further of record in RI. or Mass. (I believe Thomas with his family moved to Monmouth, NJ following the Cooks with whom they were related. This is measurably borne out by the names of the early Shearman's of Monmouth), NJ namely:

A. - Oliver Shearman of Shrewsbury, will signed Dec 1, 1795. Wife Abigail, sons Thomas & James & daughter Mary Vermount.

B. - Thomas Shearman B: Feb. 9, 1747. Died Oct 1, 1829. Had ten children. 2 daughters names Phebe. These 2 Shermans, Oliver and Thomas I believe were sons of Thomas & Phebe (Lawton) Shearman.

Oliver B: (Jan 23, 1732 in Freetown, Mass). & Thomas Jr. B: Feb. 9, 1747 in Monmouth NJ He married Mary Van Note, and their son Thomas B: Oct 21, 1783 M: Sarah Cook the daughter of Thomas & Rachel (Borden) Cook, still keeping up the Borden-Cook Shearman alliances.

A further support of this theory could be found if we could turn up some early land transactions which might state definitely the former residence of the Shermans, or if we could obtain the date of birth of Oliver Sherman who died evident in DEC 1800, or Jan 1801.

These facts I am trying to determine. If they can be proved true, then your Sherman ancestry is known thus: -


VIII. Charles Augustus Sherman (1844-(1917 )

VII. Benjamin Borden Sherman (1810-1885 )

VI. Thomas Sherman (1783-1861 )

V. Thomas Shearman (1747-1829 )

IV. Thomas Shearman (1710- )

III. Benjamin Shearman (1677- )

II. Peleg Shearman (1638-1719 )

I. Hon. Philip Shearman (1610-1687 )


6. Samuel Shearman (1573-1615 )

5. Henry Shearman (1545-1610 )

4. Henry Shearman (1520-1590 )

2. John Shearman ( ? -1504 )

1. Thomas Shearman --died 1492 )

Sincerely Yours

Signed: Frank D. Shearman

PS: The present Senator from Illinois, Hon. Lawrence Yates Shearman, is descended from the Monmouth Co. NJ Stock!

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