- Don Sherman's Line -

Manasquan, NJ  (Millwright)
John's parents are Thomas & Phebe Shearman.*

John Shearman b: 12/6/1774 d : 8/2/1846 m: 4/10/1800
Anna Gifford b: 6/16/1781 d: 7/15/1837


William Gifford b: 7/13/1801 Went to Illinois
David H. b: 2/14/1804 Went to Iowa
Tabor C. b: 12/6/1806 Married Anna Borden, Pt. Pleasant.
Deborah b: 5/20/1809 ------------------
Abraham b: 2/4/1811 Married Eliz. Jackson, Eatontown.
Samuel L. b: 4/3/1814 d: 2/11/1891 76 years.
John Alfred b: 5/26/1817 Married Polly Havens
Josias b: 8/7/1820 Married Margaret Borden, Pt. Pleasant.
Annaliza b: 11/2/1823 Married David Embley, Red Bank.

In 1808, John Shearman bought property about 2 miles above Squan bridge from Benjamin Gifford et al.
In 1811, John Shearman bought from Peter Knott, 115 acres North of Bridge Avenue, near South shore of Manasquan River.
In 1819, John Shearman bought from Richard Sutton et al, 5 acres on North bank of Beaver Dam Creek.

* Connection to Thomas & Phebe is from notes of Granville Hough of California suggesting that there might be a connection. Best guess so far. See his paper "Thomas & Phebe Shearman of MA & NJ", 4th paragraph. See also John Sherman, Vol 4: 2413, Sherman Directory. Freetown, MA, Vital Records (births & marriages).



Go to "Mortgage2.html" for more of John Shearman and purchases.  


Samuel L Shearman b: 4/3/1814 d: 2/11/1891 m: 10/20/1834, Howell.
Ann Maxon Shearman b: 4/14/1817 d: 5/1/1898


Sarah Ann b: 12/23/1835 Married David Fleming.
Deborah H. b: 4/25/1837 " a Gifford
Mary Jane b: 10/14/1839 " a Newberry
Catherine Elizabeth b: 1/15/1842 " a William Allen
John Britton b: 5/22/1844 " a Jane Taylor
Samuel Taylor b: 1/2/1846 " a Milton
Sidney F. b: 1/30/1849
" Lucy Jane b: 6/12/1851 " an Estell
David Henry Franklin b: 8/27/1853
" Ellen Stultz b: 2/11/1856 " a George Estell
William Bunton Hill b: 1/15/1859 " Elizabeth Morton

John Britton Sherman b: 5/22/2844
Jane Taylor Sherman b: 5/15/1847


Elbert Stetson b: 8/5/1873 Married Georgia Davison
Jennie Taylor b:10/17/1877 " a Wolcott
Wilfred Fuller b: 2/23/1886 " Laura Lee
Nelson Taylor b: 4/9/1888
Marietta b: 5/1869
Bertha b: 9/1871

If anyone can connect to the above "Line" contact me please. I will see that "Don" gets the information and your phone/address.

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