General William Tecumseh Sherman
Samuel7, Edmund6, Edmund5, Henry4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1

Hon. Samuel was brother of Philip.

I have had many requests about the General so here is what I can find to get you started.

He was born in Mansfield, Ohio, Feb 8, 1820. He was sixth of eleven children of Charles R. Sherman and Mary Holt.

Cadet at United States Military Academy, July 1, 1836 to July 1, 1840.

Capt in 1850. In Mexican War, Resigned from the Army Sept 6, 1853.

Banker in San Francisco, Cal. 1853-1857.

Major General, California Militia, 1856.

In New York 1857. Counselor at Law, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1858-1859.

Superintendent Louisiana "State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy" at Alexandria, La and Professor of Engineering, Architecture and Drawing, 1859-1861.

Reappointed to U. S. Army with the rank of Colonel of the 13th Infantry, 5/14/1861. Served through the War of the Rebellion.

Brigadier General U. S. Volunteers 5/17/1861.

Major General U. S. Volunteers, 5/1/1862. 

Brigadier General U. S. Army 7/4/1863.

Major General U. S. Army 8/12/1864.

Lieutenant General U. S. Army 7/25/1866.

General, U. S. Army 3/4/1869. 

Retired 2/8/1884.

Twice Secretary of War. 

LL.D. Dartmouth, 1866; Yale, 1876; Princeton, 1878.

(Source for photo of General Sherman: NEHS. (Also thanks to Sherman's of Yaxley.)

A renowned Union general during the U. S. Civil War. He was among the first military leaders to recognize and put into practice the methods that became the tenets of modern warfare.

He is known for his scorched earth campaign against the Confederacy in Georgia with his march to the sea that resulted in the capture of Savannah. (Grolier again)

General Sherman, red headed with a fiery temper, ( 1992, Grolier Electronic Pub, Inc) in knowledge of art and science of war, in strategy and in grand tactics, in the ability to conceive and carry out a comprehensive plan with energy and dispatch and to organize and wield vast masses of men with effect, he has no superior. He is terrible in battle, but humane in victory. More than this, he is a gentleman, a scholar, a great commander, an orator and a good citizen. m: at Washington, D.C., 5/1/1850, Eleanor Boyle Ewing, daughter of Hon. Thomas & Maria (Boyle) Ewing b:10/4/1824. She died at New York, 11/28/1888. He died at New York, Feb 14, 1891.


1: Maria Ewing Sherman b:1/28/1851

2: Mary Elizabeth Sherman b: 3/17/1852

3: William Tecumseh Sherman, Jr. b: 6/8/1854

4: Rev. Thomas Ewing Sherman b: 10/12/1856

5: Eleanor Mary Sherman b: 9/5/1859

6: Rachel Ewing Sherman b: 7/5/1861

7: Charles Celestine Sherman b: 6/11/1864

8: Philemon Tecumseh Sherman b: 1/9/1867.

From:" Sherman Genealogy". Pages 397 & 398. By: Thomas Townsend Sherman. 1920

Also from The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Volume XXIV. "The Sherman Family". By: Rev. David Sherman, A.M. of Wilbraham, Mass.

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