As will be explained below, this Sherman line is probably descended from the Shermans of Yaxley, Suffolk, England, but not as found in the works of T. T. Sherman and R. V. Sherman. Nevertheless, following the advice of Bertha Stratton, this compiler* has previously numbered the first Henry Sherman below as a member of the fourth generation to avoid confusion with other Sherman sources. Mrs. Stratton believes that additional research will reveal Henry's parentage, if centered in Bury St. Edmunds. The ancestry of Henry4 Sherman would be of interest not only to the descendants of Philip(1) Sherman, first Secretary of the Colony of Rhode Island, but to many others of Sherman blood, for a number of this family emigrated to America.

1. Henry4 Sherman the Elder, born about 1511 or 1512, according to a deposition he made in Dedham, Essex, England, in the case of Seckford, taken 11 Oct. 1514, in which he said he was "of the aige of Ixij (62] yeres, or there abouts" and "hath Dwelt in Dedham of the space of xl [40] yeres," that is, since about 1534, which was probably when he finished his apprenticeship [Stratton's New Light on Henry Sherman, 3], died before 15 June 1590. His parentage is not: known. He was not the Henry Sherman who was son of Thomas Sherman (circa 1490-1551) of the Yaxley, Suffolk, Shermans. Thomas Sherman (son of Henry, grandson of Thomas) of Diss, a Yaxley Sherman, who is known to have been living in 1586, was not mentioned in Henry4 Sherman's will in 1590. Furthermore, Thomas Sherman, born about 1490, was not old enough to have been the father of Henry4 Sherman. Thomas was not sixteen in 1504, and as his eldest son was named Thomas, Thomas, born about 1490, would have had to be the father of several children by 1512 in order to be the father of this Henry4 Sherman [Sratton's New Light, 9-11].

A typed copy of notes originally from Dr. Dorothy Wood Evers, stated that Captain A. N. Wood showed this Henry· as a son of a Thomas Sherman who was buried in Dedham on 16 March ;1564, a different man from Thomas born about 1490, who died in 1551. Stratton has pointed out that the similarity of the arms born by the descendants of this Henry and those of the Yaxley Shermans, and has mentioned an earlier Henry Sherman who lived in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, 1524 [see Suffolk Green Book, 358], paying the largest tax in the county. His mother may have been a daughter of Robert Reignoldes of Little Belstead (near Ipswich), Suffolk, who called Henry4 Sherman "cousin" in his will, or he may have been a nephew of Elizabeth Withipol, wife of Henry Reignoldes [for this family- see visitations Suffolk, 1561 on Reignoldes of Strolley].

He married first Agnes, who was probably a Butter or butler. Thomas Butter or butler (q.v.) of Dedham, clothier, in his will dated 10 August 1555, gave "to Harry Sherman's wife a silver pot" and appointed Henry Sherman executor. She was probably Thomas Butter's niece. Pierce Butter (q.v.) of Colchester, grandson of Thomas Butter, in his will dated August 1599, called Henry Sherman "my cousin" probably because Henry Sherman's mother was Agnes Butter. Henry Sherman was also called "cousin" by John Wood, clothier, whose will was proven 2 April 1577. The Sherman-Wood connection may be found in Stratford, Suffolk

Agnes Sherman was buried at Dedham 14 Oct. 1580. He married second, in Dedham, 5 June 1581, Mrs. Marion (Smyth) Wilson, widow of Edmund Wilson, and third. Margery, who is mentioned in his will. A Margaret Shearman, of Colchester, widow, testified 11 Jan. 1594, That she was aged 76, and thus she was born about 1518. She may have been the third wife [T. T. Sherman].

He was a Shearman and clothier in Dedham, a man of means. A clothier was a middleman who bought Iengths of cloth from cottage weavers, dyed them if he had a woadhouse, sorted them for quality, baled them and marked them with his trademark. He was worth about $150,000. in 1950 dollars, and men this rich were rarer than millionaires are now. [Strarton's New Light, 39]

He was a landholder in Dedham as early as 1548 [Ibid., 3], and lived in a mansion called "Southfields," or, often, "Flemish Houses", which was built just before 1500 and included his residential headquarters, a counting room, and storerooms [Ibid., 29] I n 1557 he was taxed f22. worth of goods, and from 1559 he was often recorded as taking the chief pledge with homage. 0n 30 Sept. 1567; he took surrender of a property called Hykell; He was called Henry Sherman, Sr., in the record. This land was held b y later generations of the family. In 1568 a Henry Sherman lived in "Woodowse" (Woodhouse Farm) In Langham, just over tile parish line from Dedham. In 1573 Henry, Sr., and Henry, Jr., were living next door to each other. In 1575 William Littlebury left money to build a school, and Harry? Sherman, Harry? Sherman, Edmund? Sherman, William? Butter, Piers? Butter his son, John Wood and Richard Wood were among the original governors [see Rev. T. A. Jones' Hist. Dedham]. 16 Sept. 1575 Henry?. Sherman acquire d the "third part of the fourth part" of Hykell, and on 12 April 1581, Thomas Cradocke surrendered land (probably an interest in Hykell) to Henry Sherman. Late in his life Henry Sherman lived In Colchester.

His will, dated 20 Jan 1589/90, with a codicil dated 26 Feb. 1589/90, was proven 25 July 1590 [P.C.C. Drury 51]. He was survived by wife Margery.

2. Henry5 3. Samuel6 4. Hon. Philip7.

Children, all by first wife:

i. Alice ?, born: ca. 1542; buried. 20 Oct. 1566 (?1580); Married: in or prior to 1562
Nicholas Fynce.

ii. Judith, bur. 9 April 1601; m. Dedham 27 Oct. 1566, William Petfield.

iii. Henry, bur. Dedham 28 August 1610; m. Moze, Essex, 14 June 1 1568,Susan?Lawrence.

iv. Edmund, m.(1) 25 Fourth Month 1569 Anne Pellatte, who d. 8 June 1584,
m. (2) 11 Sept. 1584 Anne Clere, who was the daughter of Nicholas Clere of
Colchester and d. 1609; had issue emigrate to America.

v. John, bur. 16 Oct. 1576; probably no issue.

vi. Robert, bapt. 6 Feb. 1560/1; m: (1) 9 Dec. 1583 Barbara Browne, m: (2) 1597
Bridget Jenney; he was an M.A. at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1583 and an M.D..
in 1595, and was in 1599 a fellow of the College of Physicians.

*A letter from John Sherman from California, informed me that Henry4 was not a son of Thomas3, as is shown by Roy V. Sherman, who completed the unfinished works of Frank Dempster Sherman, (who died in 1916) and T. T. Sherman, whose works I have not, as yet seen. I did some more researching and found the above, agreeing with John. Copied from: A manuscript in The New England Historic Genealogical Society. Henry A. Sherman, Jr. 1995.

* Compiled by: CARL BOYER, 3rd.Newhall, California. 1981.


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