(Found in the GGF Merwin Sherman Turrill's papers and submitted by Sherm Thompson.)



In Heraldry, Gold is the metal denoting strength, authority and wealth.

Black signifies sorry, sin, morning and dignity.

Green refers to a religious temperament, eternity, everlasting life and fecundity.

The Lion, King and mightiest of beasts, is the symbol of the mighty warrior, especially in the fighting position, called "rampant".

The Oak leaves are the symbol of the oak tree, which stands for strength, and there are three for the Holy Trinity.

The Annulet and the Crescent are marks of cadency as they are used here, or denoting the place in the line of descent, as shown by the term "for difference".

The Sea Lion with the drops of water upon him, is the symbol of some exploit or connection with the sea family.

The Helmet is in profile and is of steel color as it should be. Only those who actually bear titles are entitled to display a helmet of other metal or in other position.

The Mantle or decorative matter around the shield has no special shape. This is left to the taste and discretion of the artist.

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