Sherman/Pierson/Wooley/Morris/Bates/Clayton Homestead.

C. 1850


This old home, (photo taken by Hank Sherman, recently) is located in Wall township, (address available) and was built (guesstimated) about 1850, or possibly earlier.

 The property was originally owned by Thomas Shearman and Catharine his wife. After their decease, Edward Sherman, their son, purchased it in 1850 for $125.00.

I don't know if the house was built then or it was existing. Edward Sherman, than transferred title to his son, Charles Sherman, on November 23, 1870. The outside steps to the cellar, which were added sometime after the house was built, are carved with initials (not quite legible) and the date, 1867.

Later, the property belonged to the Pierson family who sold it to George Pierson Wooley.  Sometime in the early 1900's Mr. Wooley sold the house to Mr. & Mrs. Edward Morris who lived there for many years, and gave their name to the little, winding lane now known as Morris Lane, that runs past their property.

The Morris' daughter, Esther, and her husband, Griffith Bates, were also owners of the old homestead until 1975 when it was sold to the Claytons, the present owners.

 This info is from a copy of an old manuscript called "A Pictorial Guide of Old Wall", page 5, and other information I have been able to research. The new owners have renovated the house somewhat, to conform to today's living standards.



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