Misc. Records of Sherman's

         General William Tecumseh Sherman.

         Land sales & mortgages of Sherman's.

         Pedigree and Direct line of Henry A. Sherman, Jr.

         Census Records.

         Affidavit of John Shibley.

         Eber Sherman2

         John Sherman2

         DAR application papers about Thomas SHEARMAN

         Sherman's on tax lists of 1700s

         Home of Edward Sherman and children about 1850.

         Sherman census records of 1830, 1840, 1850 & 1860.

         Thomas' Sherman/Shearman marriage records.

         Proceedings Index of Sherman's in Hall of Records.

         Old Tyme Street/Town Names..

          Oliver Shearman's Will.

          Oliver and Abigail.

          Susanne Hunters viewpoints on Thomas, his wives & children.

          Marsha Kings information on Thomas & his daughters Hester and Mary.



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