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Copied from Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ. Surrogates Office & downstairs basement room. Index book upstairs to books downstairs.

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F3-320 Benjamin Shearman & Samuel Brand, an agreement between 4/1/1834. Howell house & garden South side of Rack Pond, yearly rent of $12.00 in quarterly payments. Part of the farm of the late William Brand dec'd.

C2-554 Brittain Shearman & wife Mercy Shearman, Howell to: John Rogers, 2/20/ 2821 $450.00, 30 acres.

T3-352 David. H. Shearman & wife Sarah, 2/2/1837. TO: Westley Miller, Howell. (both) $30.00. Wreck Pond area. David purchased from Jonathan & Mary his wife by deed 9/24/1836.

F3-165 David Shearman & wife Sarah 3/14/1834. TO: David Miller. $300.00. South side of Squan River, South edge of highway.

L4-234 Edward Sherman & wife Margaret, Middletown, NJ. to: William Stricker, 4/1/1844. (Both of Howell) $100.00.

F6-214 Edward Sherman & wife Margaret, Wall twp, to: Clark Newman (same place) $50.00. Real Estate of John L. Newman dec'd.

Y-283 John Shearman & wife Nancy Shearman. James Pearce & his wife Mary. William Pearce & his wife Sarah. To: Thomas Morris, 8/10/1812. Howell twp. $38.62. At head of Barnegat Bay. 15 acres & 40/100 of an acre.

NN John Shearman & wife Nancy. 4/1/1800. TO: John Hulse. $185.00 on South side of Manasquan River, Howell twp. Estate of inheritance in fee simple. James Fleming, Richard Freeman & Garrett Longstreet. Witnesses.

T-482 John Shearman & wife Margaret, Middletown, NJ. TO: Richard Longstreet. 6/13/1838, Howell, $20.00.

C2-607 John Shearman & wife Nancy 3/10/1820, Howell, TO: James Dorsett Junior. $100.00.

N4-139 Heirs of John Shearman, dec'd. Tabor Cook indenture: 9/9/1844 between Thomas W. Sherman & Margaret his wife, & William Sherman & Elizabeth his wife, Joseph Sherman & Harriet his wife, Lewis West & Mary his wife, ????? Rockhill & Lydia his wife, John Worthley & Elizabeth his wife, Elias West & Deborah & Julie Ann Sherman party of the 1st part. All twp of Shrewsbury. & Tabor Cook, party of the 2nd party of same place. $31.00. Long Branch property in Shrewsbury. Parties of the 1st part seized in their own right of absolute indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple. All signed 9/9/1844 before John. P. Lewis, Commissioner.

W2-181 John Shearman and his wife Nancy of Howell TO: David Shearman (Alive in 1829) 4/9/1829 Howell. $50.00. S/s of Squan river. 90/100 of an acre. Signed by John Shearman

?2-247 John Shearman 1830 Howell TO: David Miller of Howell $40.00.

N3-128 John Shearman & wife Ann of Howell. 4/10/1810. TO: Richard Freeman of Howell. $24.00. Signed by John & Ann.

X3-527 John Shearman & wife Ann of Howell. 3/1/1839. TO: Elizabeth Stout and Jonathan Stout. $400.00

I4-129 John Shearman & wife Ann 3/4/1843 (This John alive as of 1843) To: George W. Johnson $800.00. S.S. of Manasquan river near Beaver Dam creek near Howell. Inheritance in Fee Simple. Signed by John & Ann.

C3-305 John Shearman & wife Deborah, Upper Freehold, NJ 1/21/1833. To: John B. Morris & Gilbert Reid. $31.00 of same place. State of inheritance in Fee Simple. (Johns).

G3-180 John Shearman & wife Deborah, Upper Freehold, NJ. To: Samuel Shearman, 7/19/1834. Also Upper Freehold, over 80 acres. $500.00 Inheritance in Fee Simple. (From whom? father of Thomas 1760?)

P3-232 John Shearman 6/29/1836. To: Hugh Johnson, Jr, Howell $30.00. S/S of Manasquan River, NJ. No wife mentioned.

B4-235 John Shearman (Quit claim) 7/20/1830, Howell, NJ. TO: Taber Shearman of Howell, $50.00. New road from Squan next to Burnt Tavern, NW corner of a new house of John Shearman.

Y2-487 James Shearman & wife Mary of Howell,  To: Joseph Mount of Nashville, TN. 9/14/1831. $2500.00 by a lease dated 4/6/1791. By the sea & Newberry's pond 120 acres. Inheritance in Fee Simple. of Shearman's. Signed by James & Mary Shearman.

D3-43 James Shearman of Howell To: Benjamin Pearce, lawful attorney appointed power of attorney 11/16/1832. Signed by John Shearman.
(Why power of attorney)?

P3-163 James Shearman, Howell, 6/8/1837. No wife mentioned. To: Taber Shearman of Howell. $50.00. Main hay stack branch into North Branch of Metedeconk river, twp of Howell.

F3-163 James Shearman & wife Mary, County of Ontario, New York. To: Jacob Curtis, Howell, 3/15/1834. $34.22. Lot #5 of half meadow at Gershon's landing to aforesaid Mary Shearman, late Newberry (father William Newberry dec'd) D.H. Ellis, Clerk State of New York, County of Ontario.

F3-187 James Shearman & wife Mary, To: Benjamin Pearce, Howell, NJ. $264.10. Mary was heir of William Newberry, father dec'd, inheritance.

E5-24 Marcy Sherman, Elizabeth Shearman, Ann Chamberlain, Elijah Sherman, Peter ? Miller To: Devine Allgor 6/20/1847. All of Miami County, State of Ohio. Devine AAgor of Howell $25.00. Power of attorney dated 12/12/1842.

A2-534 Samuel Shearman & wife Susanna, 3/26/1818, Howell to: John Woolwy $500.00. Manasquan, NJ. Shark River.

C2-275 Samuel Shearman & wife Mary Shearman to: Charles Thompson 4/1/1820. Mary late Mary Stour dau. of said John Sour, of Upper Freehold. (Check index for correct spelling.)

C2-616 Samuel Shearman & Mary his wife to William Stoer of Upper Freehold, NJ. for $600.00.

E2-264 Samuel Shearman & wife Susanna (Susan) 3/29/1822 Freehold to: Otis Little (Phila) $125.00 State of inheritance in fee simple.

F2-422 Samuel Shearman & wife Mary, Upper Freehold, 3/29/1823 to Joseph Grant $275.00, Shrewsbury.

L2-316 Samuel Shearman & wife Susanna, Samuel Brand & wife Deborah to: Cornelius Vannote 2/10/1816 in Howell.

R2.131 Samuel Shearman & wife Susanna, to David Estil, Howell. 5/1828. $25.00.

A2-758 Theophilus Shearman & Ann his wife to: Thomas Shearman 1/10/1818, Howell, 10 51/100's of an acre. $132.00.

H3-70 Theophilus Shearman to: Uriah & Jane B. Newman, 12/19/1834. Howell $50.00, 3 acres of land from Thomas & Catharine his wife 3/22/1830. See V2 folio 139. Absolute & indefeasible estate of in fee simple. Theophilus Shearman (No wife).

H2-352 Thomas Shearman & wife Mary, Howell. To: James Shearman, Howell, $1200.00. Along the seashore, Manasquan River, 25 acres, 16 acres, 10 acres. State of inheritance in Fee Simple.

H2-351 Thomas Shearman (Sherman) & wife Mary, Howell, 6/1/1824 To: Thomas Sherman, Junior $1200.00. Beach property, Near Newberry, VanMater & Tiltons property. Fee Simple state of inheritance.

V2-139 Thomas Shearman & Catharine his wife to Theophilus Shearman. 3/22/1830, Howell. $10.00. South side of Shark River, Howell, 3 acres. (Inheritance in Fee Simple = Theo) Thom & Cath made their mark.

Y2-421 Thomas Shearman & wife Catharine. Howell. 3/2/1830 to Aaron Devoe of Tappan Rockland of New York. $220.00. South side of Shark River. Made their marks. Catharine of full age.

M-131 Thomas Shearman & wife Hester to: James Layton, 5/10/1800, Shrewsbury, 210 lbs. Witness Peter Phillips & Benjamin Jackson.

R-492 Thomas Shearman & Mary his wife to: James Throckmorton, 4/5/1809. Shrewsbury $625.00. 9 1/2 acres. Garrett Longstreet & Nathan Wooley witnesses.

???? Thomas Shearman & Mary his wife of Howell, To: John Throckmorton of Shrewsbury. 3/26/1807. Situate in Deal, Shrewsbury, NJ. Populr Swamp Brook.

T-195 Thomas Shearman & Mary his wife to James Throckmorton. 4/5/1809. Howell.

D3-479 Thomas Shearman, Shrewsbury, To: Joseph Campbell, 3/16/1831. Howell $165.00. Shark River Bridge and edge of highway leading from Polly Bog Bog. No wife mentioned. (Which Thomas? Suspect Thom & Mary.)

E3-720 Thomas Shearman & wife Esther (Hester maybe?) 2/15/1825, Howell to: John Shearman Junior. $10.00. Beginning of a stone South edge of hwy leading from John's Grist Mill to the sea. Being the Northeast corner of Thomas Shearman's plantation where he now dwells, 2 acres. Thom & Esther made their marks. N/E corner 1. South 12 degrees East 6 chains & 42 links to a stake. 2. South 78 degrees West 3 chains & 11 links. 3. West 20 degrees West 6 chains & 30 links. 4.North 76 degrees East 3 chains & 18 links to the beginning.

W3-465 Thomas W. Shearman & wife Margaret. 4/1/1839. Shrewsbury. To: Austin Morford. Conveyed to them by John ????. Ely former sheriff by deed. 3/31/1838.

Y3-242 Thomas Shearman & wife Catharine. 11/1/1839, Howell to: Gaspard Bernard. $1000.00. between Wreck Pond & 3 cornered pond. State of inheritance in fee simple.

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