Old Tyme Town/Street Names.
of Monmouth & Ocean Counties.
of 1700/1800 AD

In 1693 Governor Hamilton set off three original townships making up what was, at the time, Monmouth County: Freehold Twp, Middletown Twp and Shrewsbury Twp.

Brielle, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Spring Lake and Heights, Belmar & South Belmar, were separate municipalities and were originally part of Wall Township.

Sea Girt was formerly Van Marter property.

Shrewsbury "covered" (in 1693) from Eastern & Southern area of Navesink River South to Little Egg Harbor. In 1851 Wall Township was made from Howell.

Roads, Streets and Lakes.

  • Belmar Blvd was River Road

  • Belmar was Ocean Beach

  • Silver Lake was West Pond

  • Fletcher Lake was Goose Pond

  • Wesley Lake was Long Pond

  • Deal Lake was Great Pond

  • Wreck Pond (Rack Pond 1765) lies between Sea Girt & Spring Lake near old "Jimmy Burns".

  • Lake Como was Polly Pod Bog in South Belmar (West of Como)

  • In the 1700's the entire land from Shark River South to Squan River was called Shark River.

  • Manasquan was known as Squan Village.

  • New Bedford Inn was Deauville Inn.


     History of Monmouth County, Wall Township, NJ

    Copied from a book in the Bishop Hall of Toms River, NJ

    In 1830, or about that year, there were but 36 houses between Wreck Pond and what was then called New Squan Bridge (Now Middle Bridge), This being about 3 1/2 miles along the coast and River and 2 1/2 miles from the sea. About 1835 the people who owned the land between what is now the Middle Bridge and Wreck Pond were Abram Osborne, Hendrik Longstreet, Squire Derrick Longstreet, Derrick Longstreet, Jr., Samuel Longstreet, David Curtis, James Morris, Benjamin Pearce, John Longstreet (who owned where Manasquan village now is and Newberry's Pond, Thomas Shearman and William Parameter.

    Sea Girt is a Summer resort situated on the shore, directly East of Manasquan village, with an ocean frontage of 2 miles in length, extending a mile back to a gradual, but slightly undulating elevation, covering an area of 500 acres of forest, orchards and fields, with Newberry's Pond, or Stockton Lake, forming the Northern and the Manasquan River it's Southern boundary.

    For many years prior to 1853, the shore, at what is now called Sea Girt, was the place where farmers and other inhabitants of this section met to celebrate their annual harvest home festivals.

    In May of the year named Commodore Robert F. Stockton purchased of Thomas Shearman (& Mary) a tract of land of about 250 acres of land including this place, and he also purchased 3 other contiguous lots of 12 acres each, 1 of which was described as "all that tract of salt meadow and island sedges South East of land formerly of Samuel Osborn and at the mouth of the Manasquan River."

    Commodore Stockton sold this land July 9, 1866 to Paul & Stephan L. Thurlow of PA. who purchased lands adjoining.  July 11, 1871 Paul sold his interest to Stephen Thurlow who, on Feb 15, 1875 conveyed the property to the Sea Girt land Improvement Company., by who it was laid out in lots, with wide streets and avenues.


    Copied from a book in the Bishop Hall of Toms River, NJ

    As early as 1685, a large area of land, now of Wall Township, bordering the South shore of Wreck Pond, the sea-shore from Wreck Pond Southward to the Manasquan River & up the North side of the Manasquan nearly to the present site of the long bridge, was purchased from the Indians and afterwards patented from the proprietors by a company formed for that purpose of men who had previously located lands at Shrewsbury and Middletown, then called the "The two towns of Navesink".  An official document was issued by the Government and the province of East New Jersey, granting permission to the land speculators to make the purchases from the Indians, is as follows.

    By the Governour:

    "To all persons to whom the presents shall come and whom the premises do or may concern:  Know ye, That I have licensed, authorized and empowered, and by these presents do license, authorize Richard Hartshorne, John Hance, Judah Allen, Eliakim Wardel, Tobias Hanson, Ephraim Allen, John Wooley, William Wooley, Remembrance Lippincott, William Lawrence, John Williams and Edmund Lafetra, all of Navesinks, in the county of Monmouth, to purchase the native or Indian right to such a quantity of land as they shall see meet, and lying and being at a place called by the Indians Manasquan, provided they exceed not the quantity of two thousand five hundred acres, and that the said purchase-deed be to and in the name of the Lords Proprietors of this province, in order that patents be made thereof to the said respective persons of such parts and parcels thereof as may answer an agreement this day between them and the Lords Proprietors."

    Given under the seal of the said Province the ninth day of July, Anno DM, 1685."

    Under this authority the Indian land right and title was purchase, but prior to that purchase some patents to these lands had been granted.

    A tier of lots, that in old records were called "Squan lots". were laid out along the ocean-front running in and 60 chains and varying in width on the river and sea.

    In the division of lands William Lawrence received patents of 4 tracts of land bearing date of Jan. 19, 1692.  Remembrance Lippincott, nest South of Lawrence bears the date Feb. 20, 1685.  It is 12 chains wide on the front and contains 60 acres.  Tobias Hanson's patent is dated Nov. 4, 1687. The land South of Lippincott's lot and is 12 chains in front and contains 60 acres.  John Hance's tract, next South, was 24 chains on the front and contained 120 acres.  Patent date of Nov. 4, 1867.  Thos property was afterwards conveyed to John Morton, who conveyed it to Thomas Shearman, and is a part of Sea Girt property.   (More, etc but not of interest to us as Sherman's.)




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