of Henry A. Sherman, Jr.


Direct Line to Philip Shearman/Sherman:

Henry1 Allaire Sherman, Jr. (Me)
Henry2 Allaire Sherman, Sr.
Charles3 Edward Sherman.
Charles4 Sherman.
Edward5 Sherman.
Theophilus6 Sherman.
Thomas7 W. Shearman/Sherman.
Oliver8 Shearman/Sherman.
Thomas9 Shearman/Sherman.
Benjamin10 Shearman/Sherman
Peleg11 Shearman/Sherman
Hon. Philip12 Shearman/Sherman.

Pedigree Chart from Hon. Philip Shearman/Sherman


Hon. Philip12 Sherman b: 5/2/1610
Peleg11 Sherman b: 5/16/1638
Benjamin10 Sherman b: 7/15/1677
Thomas9 "Squire" Sherman b: 1710 d: ? m: Phebe Lawton 6/3/1731
Oliver8 Sherman b: 1/23/1732 d: Monmouth County, NJ, abt 1800 m: Abigail abt 1752
Thomas7 Sherman b: 11/12/1760 d: Monmouth County, NJ, 1840 m: 1st Hester ? , m: 2nd Catharine 1829
Theophilus6 Sherman b: 1783 d: Monmouth County, NJ, 4/15/1859 m: Ann North 1/1/1808
Edward5 Sherman b: 2/28/1814 d: Monmouth County, NJ, 7/13/1896 m: Margaret Newman 10/28/1837
Charles4 Sherman b: 8/21/1847 d: Monmouth County, 12/31/1922 m: Adelaide Allaire 5/16/1866
Charles3 Edward Sherman b: 9/21/1868 d: Bergen County, Newark, NJ,, 10/18/1922 m: Ella Shibla 3/19/1887
Henry2 Allaire Sherman, Sr. b: 1894 d: Ocean County, 1972 m: R. C. Sherman 1927
Henry1 Allaire Sherman, Jr.


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