Affidavit of John Shibley

New Jersey, Monmouth County.

John Shibley being duly sworn according to law deforth and saith that he is upward of seventy three years of age, and that he is well acquainted with Thomas Sherman who has sworn to and subscribed the forgoing declaration being born and brought up in the same neighborhood within half a mile of him, and has always resided in the same neighborhood with him, that when they were boys together he always understood that said Thomas Sherman was a few months his senior, that he has a distinct recollection that the said Thomas Sherman entered the service as a private militiaman at or about the same time this deponent, being on or about the first day of June 1777, and that he knows the said Thomas Shearman said his regular monthly tours of duty every other month from that time until the close of the war, that he this deponent saw the aged Thomas Shearman almost every other month after he entered the service out in the service and sometimes being stationed with him at the same places for several days and weeks, that he frequently saw him in the service under Captains William Davis _______ Bishop and Daniel Hamptons of Eatontown, Middletown, Colts Neck, Tinton Falls, Long Branch, Shrewsbury, Freehold, Manasquan a nd at Toms River and at the intermediate points and places and that he served with him in the same company under Captain William Davis for a number of months near the close of the war that this deponent served in the militia as a private during the same p eriod from June 1777 until the close of the war in monthly tours of one month each under Captains Longstreet, Buckalew and Davis and while out under them their duties as well as the companies to which the said Thomas Shearman was attached were to guard t he coast and shores of Monmouth County from the British and Refugees and thus while there engaged the he has not with and performed service with the said Thomas Shearman for days, nights, weeks and months in the marching and counter marching in which they were engaged, and that they frequently joined their respective companies together and returned home together at the beginning and ending of their respective monthly tours of duty, that Acher Holmes was their Colonel and David Foreman was their General, t hat he knows the said Thomas Shearman was a good soldier and was so esteemed by his officers and fellow soldiers, and he recollects distinctly that it was said at the close of the war both by the said Thomas Shearman and the people in the neighborhood tha t the said Thomas Shearman had performed all his alternate monthly tours himself without any substitution, he also knows the said Thomas was always ready to attend the musters at the General calls or alarms when the militia were named out by the actual or threatened invasions of the British and Tories which were some times quite frequent, and that he always bore the character of a good soldier and a true whig much better than many of the modern day, that the said Thomas Shearman is a highly respected man and universally loved and respected in his own neighborhood and now suffers under severe bodily infirmities, that he has no doubt from his knowledge of services of the said Thomas Shearman during the war he served at least two years and a half in monthly tours of duty of one month each, that he the aforesaid has obtained his pension some time hence under the act of June 7th,1832 and that he knows the said Thomas is entitled by his services to his as much as this informant is to his as much as any other soldier of the county, that there were no written discharges given from the officers to those engaged in the monthly service that the deponent ever heard of, that the said Tho mas was engaged was an arduous character. The protection of the coasts and shores of Monmouth County being left during the war pretty much to the militia of the county and to the extent of the seaboard required than to be continually marching and counter marching from one place to the other as circumstances required, that it would be impossible for him to state the number and particular times when he this deponent saw the said Thomas in the service marched and counter marched with him from the fact that t heir companies were kept almost continually on the alert but he is confident he knew him in some of the before named places every months his deponent was in the service.

Sworn & subscribed before			 His
me as above this 6th day of		John    X   Shibley
August AD 1834.				         Mark

William Lloyd

And the said William Lloyd judge as aforesaid doth hereby declare his opinion of the investigation of the matter and of the putting the (inti-afato=Ruis) presented by the War Department that the above named applicant Thomas Shearman was a Revolutionary So ldier and was as he states and I do further certify that it appears to me that John Shibley who has sworn (----- ----) to the forgoing affidavit is a resident of Howell township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, aged upward of seventy three years and was a soldier of the Revolutionary and that he is a credible person and that his statement entitled to credit. Dated Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Aug. 6, 1834.

William Lloyd

(A pension was offered to soldiers much after the Revolutionary war and this is what they are after.) Six weeks according to records, was allowed to Thomas ,and has been pending.

Copied: 3/1/94 by: Henry A. Sherman Jr. Cannot discern some of the writing.

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