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Annual Portrait of The Suncoast Mummers String Band

With our Helpers & Glittering, Animated,  DAZZLING, Strutters.




is now accepting new members.

Alto, Tenor, Baritone saxes, Violins, Tubas, Accordions, Bass,

Strutter's, a driver and especially helpers.

Contact Marge Schweizer @ 941-729-4069





Someone asked me while on a job what is a mummer, as many are not from Philadelphia and have no clear idea, so I went to the web to glean something of the idea.  Here is what I have found.

History: The parade traces back to mid-17th-century roots, blending elements from Swedish, Finnish, Irish, English, German, and other European heritages, as well as African heritage. The parade is related to the Mummers Play tradition from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Swedes and Finns, the first European colonists in the Philadelphia area, brought the custom of visiting neighbors  with them through New Year's Day with costumed celebrants loudly parading through the city. They appointed a "speech director", who performed a special dance with a traditional rhyme:

Here we stand before your door,
As we stood the year before; 

Give us whiskey; give us gin,
Open the door and let us in.
Or give us something nice and hot
Like a steaming hot bowl of pepper pot!


The Mummers derive their name from the Mummers' plays performed in Philadelphia in the 18th century as part of a wide variety of working class street celebrations around Christmas. Small groups of up to twenty mummers, their faces blackened, went door to door, shooting and shouting, and adapting the English Mummer's play by replacing the character of "King George" with that of "General Washington."  Southern plantation life's contributions include the parade's theme song, James A. Bland's "Oh, Dem Golden Slippers" (introduced in 1903), as well as the 19th-century cakewalk, dubbed the "Mummers' Strut" or the "2 Street Strut". The first official parade was held January 1, 1901 on Broad Street.  The "groups" now include String Bands, Comics & Fancy brigades.

See  our strutter's in action at a performance by clicking on the doll.

                                           Enjoy the songs from one of our CD's...

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Strike up the Band

Minnie The Mermaid

Southern Melody

Washington & Lee Swing


Pennsylvania Polka

Old Bones

Scrap Iron

Sweet Peas and Roses

Just Keep Singing


Minstrel Medley

I Want a Girl

Four Leaf Clover

Red Head

Bye, Bye, Blues


Moonlight Bay


Coney Island

Papa Joe's

Limehouse Blues

Everywhere We Go


   Ted Eastman, John Schweizer and Ray Wilson  playing "12th Street Rag", Listen to that Tuba!.

                     John & Marge with their elucidation of the song "How Could You Believe Me?)


Some photos of The Bradenton Suncoast

Mummers String Band.


Di and Rita strutters

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The Suncoast band consist of over 35 members from all over the United States and Canada.  These members get together in the Bradenton area of Florida from January to April to rehearse and play out at performances.  The band consists of The Musical Director, Tom Lizenberger.  an MC, banjos, accordions,  tubas,  saxophones, violins, clarinets, drums, a sophisticated glockenspiel, trumpets, vocalists and our animated, sparkling Strutter's.  We also have an annual performance in "The Renaissance building" in Bradenton.    Some memorable performances:  Carnival Cruise Lines, The Villages, Tampa State & Manatee Fairs, Busch Gardens and The St. Patrick's Parade.

We are available for Parades, Weddings, House parties, Adult Communities, Corporate & Promotional Events, Concerts, Birthdays, and much more!


Joe Quattrone, Bus Mgr.


Capt. Rita Mooney,

Click on photo to hear Rita. 

     Tom Litzenberger,


Click on our Umbrella to see "Old Bones" presented by the Suncoast String Band on "You Tube".

The Suncoast Mummers has a  scholarship fund set up for High School Seniors who intend to continue their musical education.


410 8TH AVE. W.


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