Thomas SHERMAN (B: Nov. 19, 1760 Shrewsbury per pension papers (DAR). D: May 17, 1840 Howell, 80 years old). Alive in land sale per deed 2/12/1840. Died: date per final expenses. Believe married Hester before 1783. Hester is married  to Thomas per land sale of 8/16/1800. They lived in Monmouth County, Howell and had the following children:

1. Theophilus B: Abt 1783 D: 4/15/1859. Buried in Glendola cemetery. (Line of Hank Sherman).

2. John (No inf.).

3. Thomas D; about 1840, Monmouth County

4. Benjamin D; about 1840. Monmouth County.

5. David D: about 1840. Monmouth County.

2nd wife: Catharine B; after 1798, D; early 1843, Catherine alive per Guardianship papers of 10/1842 md. 11/27/1827.

Thomas & Catharine had the following children:

1. Hester. Of  legal age (over 14 & under 21) when Thomas' will was probated in 1844.

2. Phebe

3. Mary

4. Deborah

The above, of the two wives, is a best guess from the information I have assimilated over the years.

Thomas & Hester sold land in 1800, Monmouth County, NJ.

Shearman/Sherman lineage is Thomas & Phebe (Lawton) of MA & NJ. Benjamin & and Hannah (Read) of Freetown, MA. Peleg & Elizabeth (Lawton) of RI, Phillip and Sarah (Odding) of England, MA & RI. etc.

Last name of Catharine is from guardianship papers (#23276) naming her as mother and from marriages of Monmouth County.  The Grandparents, on guardianship papers, are Stephan & Deborah Bennett, kin of Catharine, mother of the girls, praying for the court to allow Catharine to the guardian of girls in 1840.

Thomas must have been married to Hester and after losing or divorcing her, married Catharine. (Hester does not show up in any time frame of other Thomas'). Thomas was about 69 when married to Catharine, and "infirmed", that's why he gave Power of Attorney to his son Thomas in fighting for his pension in 1832, after it was allowed to be able to apply for pensions. Hester, the oldest daughter, was just 14 in 1842. If Hester was born immediately after they married she would be about 15 years old in 1842. She could have become 14 during the time it takes to get the will probated (1844). (Then 14 legal age). (Does not seem logical that he would have 5 boys and then 4 girls with the same woman.) It would seem that he would be a bit old to have the girls. In my research it looks as if the girls were added to the "probate papers" later as their names were penciled in between the text.

Thomas served in Revolutionary War from 6/1/1777 to the summer 1782. He was admitted 6 months of service.

Thomas' will "left" to Catharine & sons John, Benjamin, David and Thomas, "Theo got his before". (Property). Girls not mentioned directly in Thomas' will of 1830 (3 years after their marriage) but mentioned in probate of around 1844.

References for above:

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Archives in Trenton.

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