Declaration of Thomas Shearman*


(Revolutionary War).

State of New Jersey, Monmouth county. SS.

On this sixth day of August AD 1834. personally appeared before William Lloyd Esquire one of the judges of the Inferior Court of Common Places in and for the county of Monmouth in said State Thomas Shearman a resident of the township of Howell in the said county of Monmouth and State aforesaid aged seventy three years and upwards who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by this act of Congress per fect June 7th, 1832.

That he entered the service of his country on or about the first day of June 1777 as a private Militiaman under the Monthly calls or drafts under the laws and ordinances of New Jersey and alternately each other month until the close of the war in the summer of 1782 being the months of June, August, October and December in the year of 1777. The months of February, April, June, August, October and December in 1778. The same months in the year 1779, 1780 and 1781 and the months of February, April and June in the year 1782 marking at least two years and seven months he was in the service as a private as before stated that the first six months he was under Captain William Davis, Samuel Leppascott Lieutenant, William Newbury and as he thinks one John Davis were the sergeants, their head quarters were at Eatontown, Colts Neck, Tilton Falls and at Middletown,-principally the last and their duties were to guard the coast and shores of Monmouth County from the inroads of the British and Tories, their marches were to and from those places and to Long Branch and Toms River and they were kept continually marching and counter marching to and from those places along the intermediate points along coast and shores it being impossible for him to say at this time how long he was at each of those places in a monthly tour and at other times for two or three weeks stationed at one of those places, that Arc---- Holmes was their Colonel and David Forman their General while he was in the service and he thinks one ----- Wyckoff was as a Major during a part of the time that the next six months he served in Captain Joseph Bishops company, he thinks one Hart was their Lieutenant during the time they were stationed at all the before named places and also a part of the time at Freehold and at Colts Neck, and his marches and counter marches and duties were as before stated, Holmes their Colonel and David Forman their General, that the next twelve monthly tours he served in Captain Daniel Hampton's company.

The Lieutenants name he has forgotten but thinks one John Kinney was then Sergeant, they were stationed at the before named places and their marches and counter marches and duties were as before stated that the last seven monthly tours were performed under the said Captain William Davies and was stationed as before named his duties being the same, that while there engaged in the monthly tours, he with the companies to which he was attached was engaged in protecting the coast and shores from the enemy and keeping the refugees from seizing and invading the coast from New York that a considerable part of the militia of the county of Monmouth was at all times during the march there kept in the field, and that during this whole war he was stationed in the county of Monmouth for the duties aforesaid, Homes being their Colonel and David Forman being their General, that he was born in the township of Howell within three quarters of a mile from where he now lives and always has lived, Howell Township then being a part of Shrewsbury Township since divided off from it, that he was born on the twelfth day of November 1760 that he has a record of his age in his own family bible entered upward of forty years ago by a school master in this neighborhood under the  direction of his father and mother who were then living, containing also the age of his wife and the births of his own children.   (Where is the Bible now)?

That he resided in Howell aforesaid then a part of Shrewsbury when he entered the service as before stated and where he has always since resided and now resides, that his services were monthly tours of one month each under the laws and ordinances of New Jersey, that he was at all times a substitute but performed all of his own monthly tours, besides other duties under the general calls and alarms when he was off his monthly tours, all of which he attended whenever named and was out in them sometimes as much as ten days and two weeks at one time that he never ____ that he ____with any continental soldiers or officers that he never received any discharge in writing from any officers and believes none such were ever given to this militia under the monthly t ours of duty he never having heard of or seen any such being given, that the only person he knows of now living by whom he can prove any of his services is John Shibley who he often has seen out in the service at the before named places and with whom he served a part of the time in Captain Davis's Company, and that during all the time he was out in the service he was in the field and not in ____. and that during said times he was so in the service he was not employed in any civil pursuit, that he is very infirm and has not been able to attend in open court by scars on of bodily infirmity.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to or affirmity / is not of the person role of any agency in any State.......

(Cannot read two lines of small print)

 Sworn and subscribed before me this sixth day of August 1834.

                                                                                              Thomas  X   Shearman
                         William Lloyd                                                       MARK

I, William Lloyd the above named Judge before whom the above declaration was this day sworn and subscribed to do hereby certify that the above named Thomas Shearman cannot from bodily infirmity attend the court and do hereby further certify that I have known the said Thomas Shearman that he has always been a highly respectable character for veracity and truth that his statement is entitled to full faith and credit. - August 6th, 1834.

William Lloyd

New Jersey Monmouth County. SS John Shibley being duly sworn according to law ------- and saith that he is upward of seventy three years of age, and that he is well acquainted with Thomas Shearman who has sworn to and subscribed the forgoing declaration being born & brought up in the same neighborhood within half a mile of him .

* Copied & typed by Henry Allaire Sherman. Jr. 1/17/94 from pension papers, National Archives, Washington, DC. sent to me.

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