Court says will is true last will and testament of Thomas Shearman, Dec'd.

This is Thomas Sherman B; 1760, died 1840, son of Oliver.

Hank Sherman's line.

Will of Thomas Shearman.

I, Thomas Shearman of the twp. of Howell and county of Monmouth and State of New Jersey and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this for my last will and testament.

First, I give and bequeath to my dear wife (Cathorn) Shearman all my farm or plantation whereon I dwell, and likewise one piece of meadow that I bought of Thomas Algor and all of the above named premises she is to hold all her natural life, and after her decease my will is for all my children that I had by her to have and to hold forever all the above named premises above named share and share alike, and my will is that my wife Cathorin Shearman shall have one my best beds and biding bedstead and cord.

Second, I give and bequeath one dollar to my son Theoflus and no more as he has had his share before.

Three, I give and bequeath all my lower farm next to the beach and meadow and outlands unto my four sons which is hereafter named which is John Shearmon and Thommas Shearman and Benjamin Shearman and David Shearman to be divided equally amongst four share and share alike to have and to hold until their decease, and then my will is for each of their shares to go to their children share and share alike between them, and if I should sell the last named property then my will is for each of my four last name s ons which is John and Thommas and Benjamin and David Shearman to have twenty dollars each in lieu of the above named lands to be paid to them within two years after my decease and not sooner and after my decease my will is that all my wearing approval should be equally divided between my sons share and share alike, all except my son Theoflus Shearman, and my will is that after my decease that there must be a vendue to sell all my personal property and my will is for all my just debts and funeral charges t o be paid and all the overplus to be put out on (intust) until my last children comes of age, and then my will is for my esq. executor of this my testament and last will. As witness thereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of June 1830 (Thommas Shearman X).

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Thommas Shearman to be his testament and last will in the presence of us John P. Lewis, Michael Howland and Carhart Stout, August 10, 1840, Henry D. Polhemus, Surrogate.

What did the will mean when it said " in trust until my last children come of age?" as the 5 boy's were aged and 3 died during the probate of the will. Did he mean the girls? The will was created in 1830, 3 years after Catharine and Thomas were married (1827). The girls were not mentioned in the will. Were the girls of Thomas, or Catharine's from a previous marriage? During the probate of the will it looks as if the girls names were added in between the lines for some reason.

Vol. "D" Page #284, Wills, Hall of Records Freehold, NJ. 2nd floor Surrogate office, 11/16/93 & Microfiche #23226. Also copy of the original document from the Trenton Archives.

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